Südsee Cup

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Südsee Cup 2019 - Teams and Pools



Initial pools



G. Nannini



DJ Bobo #2



Falco #3



Nena #4

Outernationals - Kinky Island (world)

Maultaschen - Tübingen (D)
Flying Circus - Innsbruck (A)
Crazy Dogs - Stans (CH)
Frasba Gold - Como (IT)
Wombats - Willisau (CH)

MINT - München (D)

Who's that team? - München (world)
Solebang - Cham (CH)
Disconnection - Freiburg (D)
Colorado - Karlsruhe (D)
Heidees - Heidelberg (D)
Team Südsee - Konstanz (D)

Rheindivers - Hohenems (A)

Parkscheiben - Berlin (D)
PrinzHessinen - Frankfurt (D)


1st Step: Round-robin

In the pools


2nd Step: Cross over games

Pool-second vs pool-third

Bonus games between pool-fourth vs pool-fourth and pool-first vs pool-first


3rd Step: Knock-out games

Upper pool: Places 1 - 8

Lower pool: Places 9 - 16


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