Südsee Cup

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Südsee Cup - Tournament modus



We play mixed (3-4 women on the line, one endzone decides, choosen by a flip).


Game duration: 

45 minutes or game to 13 points (Final: 60 minutes or game to 15 points). No half-time.


Time outs:

One time out per team. Not to be taken in the last 5 minutes of the game time.


Time keeping:

Music jingles inform about game time. Jingles indicate 5 minutes to the game, the start of the game, the last 5 minutes of the game and the end of the game.


Game end: 

A new point starts immediately after the precedent one is scored.

Point cap: Games end at 13 points (Final ends at 15 points).

Time cap: After the game time is up, the current point is completed. If one team leads, the game is over. If the game is tied, one final point is played to decide the winner (universe point).

In the final, after the game time is up, one more point is added to the highest score, this is the new cap (maximum 15). So called Cap 1.



We play current WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2017.



Losers score the next game on their field, please. After scoring please let captains sign the score sheet. Please bring back signed score sheets to TD's desk.


Spirit evaluation:

You will get one spirit sheet for both days. Captains bring back spirit sheet to TD's desk at the end of the second day, right after your last game, after discussing the votes within the team, please. Please note that you have to hand in the spirit sheet to qualify for the spirit of the game award.


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